Jane Stanfield - Speaker, Author, Volunteer Traveler, Actress

Hello! I am Jane Stanfield owner of Where Is She Heading. Not so long ago, I was inspired to develop, and fortunate to have the opportunity, to create an amazing volunteer vacation adventure for myself. 

After planning an around-the-world trip for 18 months, I packed my belongings, rented my town home, placed my three cats with a pet sitter and left Colorado to experience the world.  I set off for a 12-month journey of volunteer work and plenty of vacation, and came back babbling about BABIES, BABOONS and BONES!  

Do you dream of traveling around the world? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hold a baboon, lullaby an orphan, or dig for archaeological treasures.

I am happy to be your your guide and can help you map the steps through:

     Speaking                 Teaching

     Consultations             Book 


Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation  - book by Jane Stanfield

INTERESTED? I have a map to get you started.  

Where is She Heading offers many options to help you nagivate the journey on the path to the next adventure in your heart filled life!

Let's get started so you can stop dreaming and begin experiencing a your first trip that makes a difference to you and the world at large.  But be warned!

Volunteer Travel can be addicting!

Jane Stanfield
Mobile: 929-250-7090


Doubt you can do it?
Ask yourself, if not now when?

Where Is She Heading, LLC is an environmentally conscious business, and supports wind energy, and uses recycled paper and refillable ink cartridges.  All travel is offset by TerraPass.
Where Is She Heading, LLC also donates back 10% of all merchandise proceeds sold at presentations and events to the association’s charitable arm.  In addition, 10% of all profits from WISH are donated to the following non-profits - Earthwatch,  Global Volunteers,  ACCE,  CARE and SANCCOB

On occasion, I may receive a commission or compensation when you participate or purchase a product or service I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources both the www.JaneStanfieldWISH.com and in each issue of the WISH Newsletter or Where Is She Heading blog.