Hello! I am Jane Stanfield owner of Where Is She Heading. Not so long ago, I was inspired to develop, and fortunate to have the opportunity, to create an amazing volunteer vacation adventure for myself.

After planning an around-the-world trip for 18 months, I packed my belongings, rented my town home, placed my three cats with a pet sitter and left Colorado to experience the world.  I set off for a 12-month journey of volunteer work and plenty of vacation, and came back babbling about BABIES, BABOONS and BONES!

Do you dream of traveling around the world? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hold a baboon, lullaby an orphan, or dig to see archaeological treasures.

I am happy to be your your guide and can help you map the steps.

Click here for PDF of Jane Stanfield’s resume

Jane Stanfield has experience and a passion for animals, volunteering and international travel. She took a yearlong trip around the world working at 12 volunteer jobs, seven with animals.

Jane assists people, from students to retirees, sort through the myriad of options available and guides them as they focus and research to find the perfect volunteer vacation that fits their interest, time, budget, and heart. Through her book and lectures, Jane will be your guide to finding your first or next volunteer experience.

Volunteer travel allows you to serve while learning about other cultures, as well as learning something wonderful about yourself!


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