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Keynotes and Workshops:

Babies, Baboons and Bones!
What do these words have in common besides beginning with the letter B?
They were Jane’s favorite volunteer experiences out of 12 during a yearlong trip around the globe. From working with children in Romania, raising orphan baboons in South Africa, and excavating at a magnificent archaeological site in Thailand, you will see why this kind of service travel can be so addicting. Passports are not required to attend.
KEYNOTE – 30-45 minutes

Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation
What exactly is a volunteer vacation?
With stories and examples, you will learn about the breadth of opportunities that await you around the world when you go on one of these adventures. Then, using the steps highlighted in the award winning Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation, you can be organized as you plan and create an amazing volunteer vacation that fits your travel and volunteer goals. During the workshop, you will use the workbook to begin planning your first or next volunteer vacation, either for this year or in the future.
BOOK SIGNING with Mini Talk – 30-60 minutes WORKSHOP – 4 hours

Seven Months Without Makeup
Touched by Wildlife
Photographs highlight the eight wildlife species that Jane was privileged to get up-close-and-personal with around the globe. From the small echidna in Southern Australia to the tall, elegant giraffes in South Africa, she worked with a range of uncommon wildlife. Come laugh at the animal antics and hear about the lessons to be learned when the animals generously shared themselves with an outsider.
KEYNOTE – 60-75 minutes

Volunteer Vacations
Traveling on Purpose
People usually have questions when they hear about volunteer vacations: How do I do it? What are they like? Where can I go? Who else will be there? How much will it cost? I don’t have the skills or speak the language. Can I still go? How do I find a project that fits my interest and comfort level? HELP! All these questions and more will be answered before the end of the session, because “isn’t it time to start seeing other people?”
KEYNOTE – 60-90 minutes

Volunteer Vacations – Isn’t It Time to Start Seeing Other People?
Student Presentation – similar content as Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation, but customized for the student audience.
PRESENTATION – 30-60 Minutes

These keynotes and workshops can be customized for your group and will combine information, resources, images and personal stories about what it is like to serve others as a global volunteer.

After your time together, your first question will not be what, but What First?

For more information and current prices for presentations, please contact Jane at
cell: 929-250-7090

email: wiladyjanes@gmail.com

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