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Volunteer Vacations: Traveling on Purpose

Volunteer vacations can help you explore the USA and put you in touch with diverse cultures around the world as you work on human and economic development projects.

Learn about various volunteer organizations, the specifics of choosing a volunteer site, service program fees (most are tax deductible), what to expect from your experience, and much more. CLICK HERE for details

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Timely Travel Tips for International Volunteers – PACKING

Ever wonder what it would be like to…

Bottle feed an infant baboon?

Sing a lullaby to a Peruvian orphan?

See a grade-school dance performance in another country?

Lift a 3,000-year-old pot from carefully excavated dirt?

Up until recently, neither did I. Several years ago, I happened across the concept of international volunteering and have been passionate about them ever since.

I understand what you are experiencing as you begin your search.

As your guide, I can help cut down your research time to find your first or next volunteer experience.

This type of travel allows you to not only give to others and learn about other cultures, but perhaps most importantly, learn something wonderful about yourself as well.

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